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Class of 1963 contact information

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Class of 1963 contact information
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Where the class of 1963 alumni of Henderson City High School live presently.

Last Name Married Name First Name Address City State Zip Phone E-Mail
Adams   James Elmer 1537 Highland Way Bowling Green KY 42101 270-781-3875
Allen   Lyman Smith 839 N Green St Henderson KY 42420
Alley   Sue N/A          
Babb   Danny 3306 W Wells S Milwaukee WS 53208    
Barrett   Wayne 1124 First S Henderson Ky 42420    
Brown Horn Mary Ruth PO Box 169 Spottsville KY 42458    
Bullard Brodsky Jean 3100 E Fletcher Ave Tampa FL 33613    
Camp   Barbara N/A          
Campbell   Arthur 145 Penelton Hill Rd Goodlettsville TN 37072
Carroll Sue    N/A          
Caton Cheesman Joyce 1200 Loeb Street Henderson KY 42420    
Chadwell Kramer Lynne 1263 Taransay Dr. Henderson KY 42420 270-826-8444  
Chandler   Jeanelle N/A          
Clark   Ben 2520 Sunset Lane Henderson KY 42420 270-827-4229   
Cochran   Steve 3315 De Soto St  New Orleans LA 70119 504-482-8663  
Crabtree   Bobby 3912 Grassy Creek Dr Lexington KY 40514 859-223-9591  
Crawford   Tony 1715 Versailles Rd. Lexington KY 40504 859-255-5871  
Crowley Fenwick Patti 918 Rockbridge Rd Shelbyville KY 40065    
Crowley   Ronnie 1910 Epworth Lane Owensboro KY 42303    
Cummings Golday Sandra 344 Barnett Dr Henderson KY 42420    
Denton   Barry 821 N. Main St Henderson KY 42420 270-827-3313   
Denton   Bill 10867 U S Hwy 41 S  Henderson KY 42420 270-827-3409
Dickerson   Steve 55 South Gardengate Dr Henderson KY 42420 270 826-1071  
Dickson Galloway Johanna 2732 Brown Drive Henderson KY 42420 270-826-1456  
Draper Daly Martha 6650 Mariner Dr,  #101 Racine WS 53406    
Duncan Bird Sally 215 S. Elm St Henderson KY 42420 270 827-5893  
Elliott Willett Diana 8576 Hwy 1078 N. Henderson KY 42420    
Ezell   Don 1109 Oakcrest Ct Henderson KY 42420 270-826-6875   
Fambrough   Carl 2007 Brenda Lane  Henderson KY 42420    
Gish   James  1943 Washington St Henderson KY 42420 270-826-2994  
Gish Melton Linda 500 Fair Street Henderson KY 42420    
Green Crawford Barbara 12436 Hwy 136 East Henderson KY 42420    
Griffin   Bill 646 Graves Drive Henderson KY 42420 270-826-8185  
Grisham Clabes Judy 1538 Old Oakland Rd Brooksville KY 41017 859-331-0547
Gunn   Vera N/A          
Hall   Bob 121 Woodland Dr Cary NC 27513
Hall   Les 209 W. 4 St Kennedale TX 76060 817-478-9170   
Hall   Powell 1396 Capital Ave Lincoln Park MI 48146 313-386-0816
Hanor   Frankie 21 W. South Ave Comer GA 30629
Hatchett   Steve 15512 U. S. Hwy 41 A Corydon KY 42406    
Hazelwood Jones Becky 1637 S. Greenriver Rd Evansville IN 47715
Hoggard Frankie   N/A          
Huff Mays Becky 1002 Skunk Valley Rd Panama City FL 32409
Hurd   Steve 1618 Lee Drive Henderson KY 42420 270-826-1326  
Jacobs   Terry 113 Blue River Rd Cadiz KY 42420
King Johnson Donna 836 Pond Street  Henderson KY 42420    
Johnston   Lawrence 7728 Pruitt Agnew Rd Henderson   KY 42420    
Justice Shouse Irveta 17 Partridge Lane Greenville SC 29601
Katterjohn Gibbs Ann 777 Morningside Dr Henderson KY 42420 270-826-8010  
Klein   Nancy N/A          
Lackey   George 11903 Meridian Point Dr Tampa FL 33626
LeVan Thompson Margaret 432 Forest Home Lane Henderson NC 27537    
Likens   Steve 1602 Powell St. Henderson KY 42420    
Loney Branson Faye 104 Watson Blvd Colorado Springs CO 80911    
Martin Damron Tinker 3517 Hidden Cave Circle Lexington KY 40513
Martin   Dick 5908 S. 107th Street East Henderson KY 42420 270-826-8444
Leech Meriwether Sharon 925 Saint Ann St Pittsburgh PA 15234    
Matthews Busby Pam 2368 Balmoral Dr Henderson KY 42420    
McClure Gaines Lelia 7343 Knottsville Mount Zion Rd Philpot KY 42366    
McCully Todd Peggy 7214 U. S. Hwy 41A Henderson KY 42420    
McDowell Corley Charlene 1512 Camelot Dr. Henderson KY 42420    
McGrail Diehl Jimmie 7566 Pamela Dr. Newburgh IN 47620    
McLevain   Bill 10227 136 E. Henderson KY 42420    
McMurtry   Ruth 32 Ray Wilson Rd  Lancaster KY 40444 859 548-3301
Miles   Marvin 4006 Singletree Dr  Henderson KY 42420    
McMullin Miller Sue N/A          
Mitchell   Chuck 536 Mills Lane                                                                 Panama City  FL 32404
Mitchell   Wayne 269 Greenbriar Dr Henderson KY 42420 270-826-3566  
Moore McLevain Patsy 1609 Garfield Av Henderson KY 42420 270-827-5335   
Nicholson Fleming Betty 450 Forest Road Benton KY 42025    
Nicholson   Eddie 2219 Championship Dr Evansville IN 47725    
Odom   Bobby 15933 Bramble Dr Catlettsburg KY 41129    
Orsborn Russell Dottie 176 Manitoba Lane   Lexington KY 40503    
Overby Rush Gael 2849 Heron Place Clearwater FL 33762
Page Williams Caroline 4446 North Hayston Fresno CA 93726    
Page Thacker Donna 5911 Westchester Dr Newburgh IN 47630    
Parks   Caroline 4446 N. Hayston Fresno CA 93726    
Patterson   Jerry 4238 Woodvale Rd S. Birmingham AL 35222 205-595-3102
Phillips   Mike 931 Kingsway Ct Henderson KY 42420 270-826-1196
Powell   Eugene 1124 Loeb St   Henderson KY 42420    
Priest   James 7622 State Road 351 E. Henderson KY 42420 270-827-0512  
Raber Benitone Donna 34 Spy Glass Dr Destin FL 32550 850 496-0425
Rideout   Mike 2609 Royal Fox Ct. St Charles IL 60108 630-587-0834
Riggs   Lex 930 Anchor Dr. Henderson NV 89015 702-565-5506
Rust   Gary 135 Riverview Dr. Henderson KY 42420 270-827-9750  
Sandburg   James N/A          
Ruff Scott Anita 531 West Oak St. Princeton IN 47670 812-386-6226  
Seals   Londa N/A Cleveland OH      
Sigler   Roy N/A          
Raley Skaggs Delores 2250 Greenbriar Dr. Henderson KY 42420    
Simpson Whitmore Diana 6704 LaRue Rd. Henderson KY 42420    
Slaughter Gootee Sandy 2507 Srringer Rd. Henderson KY 42420    
Stolzy Clark Kay N/A          
Stone Crowley Linda 923 Washington St. Henderson KY 42420    
Strong Fambrough Gale N/A          
Strother   John 1002 Country Club Dr.  Henderson KY 42420 270-826-8144
Strouse Barnes Brenda 2127 Augusta Dr. Henderson KY 42420    
Sutton   James N/A   TN
Trimpe   Mary Lou 167 W. Humboldt Parkway Buffalo NY   716-491-7261   
Vandiver   Fred 5421 J Royster Rd. Corydon KY 42406 270-533-6608  
Vaughn Becker Carolyn 2029 Gregory Dr. Henderson KY 42420    
Wallace   Jerry N/A          
Wallace   Ray 403 West Eighth St. West Frankfort IL 62896 618-937-1819  
Wallace Westerfield Fay 8980 W. N. Royster Rd. Robards KY 42452    
White   Kenneth 1183 Taransay Dr. Henderson KY 42420 270-826-3270  
Williams   Kenny 1519 S. Parker Evansville IN 47715    
Williams   Lenny 1028 Forrest Ave. Knoxville TN 37919    
Woodard Blandford Judy 6152 Trigg-Hopper Rd. Henderson KY 42420    

Please note: the information above has NOT been verified.
Thanks to Dallas Reigle for his work on this Excel speadsheet.
The Spreadsheet above was originally designed by Dallas Reigle. A few modifications were made to fit the page, and made additional updated information

Thanks to the contributors listed below for their help with this web-site.
Jean Bullard (Brodsky) (HHS '63)
Bobby Hall (HHS '63) 
Gael Overby (Rush)  (HHS '63)
Dallas Reigle (HHS '63)
Lex Riggs  (left HHS '61)  (CCHS '63)

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Henderson City High School, Class of 1963: Henderson, KY

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Best quote in 1963 senior yearbook, the Revue.
from Jerry Utley:

"A little learning is a dangerous thing. Jerry is being extremely careful to avoid danger".

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