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Class of 1963 e-mail list & classmates Contact details
Class of 1963 contact information
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Class of 1963 e-mail list

Please note that your name will not be listed if you do not want your name in the contact list. Send an e-mail to me and request that it be removed.

Class of 1963 e-mail list & contact information.

۩ = full details below

= Change of e-mail address

[name]=Married name

*=e-mail address not confirmed

Adams, James R. "Elmer" *

Allen, Lyman Smith           *

Bullard, Jean [Brodsky]    ۩

Crabtree, Bob                   ۩

Crowley, Ronnie                ۩ 

Dickerson, Steve               ۩

Hall, Bobby                       ۩

Hall, Dean                         *

Huff, Becky [Mays]          ۩

Miles, Marvin                     ۩

Martin, Dick                       ۩

McMurtry, Ruth                  *

Parks, Caroline                    ۩

Rideout, Mike                      ۩

Overby, Gael [Rush]           ۩

Riggs, Lex                            ۩

Rust, Gary (Steve)                ۩

Simpson, Diana [Whitmore]۩

Sutton, Jim                           *

Linda Todd [Tapia]           ۩

Mary Lou Trimpe:                ۩

If you don't see your name and if you want your name added send me an e-mail at address below.
For any information that needs to be updated or corrected, click on link for e-mail. Any changes will be made within a reasonable timeframe.
If you want any additional information made available, please
send me what you want posted.
 Lex Riggs 

Contact's details:
۩first name: Gael  (Overby)
last name: Rush
address: 2849 Heron Place
city: Clearwater
state: Florida
zip: 33762
phone: 727-572-9303
۩first name: Caroline (Carole)
last name: Parks
address: 4446 N. Hayston Ave,
city: Fresno
state: CA.
zip: 93726
phone: 559-226-0520
۩first name: Mary Lou
last name: Trimpe
address: 167 W. Humboldt Parkway
city: Buffalo
state: NY
zip: 14214
phone: 716-491-7261
On-Line-Status: Yes
Year-You-Graduated: 1963
Comments: Your web site is fantastic & you have obviously done a lot of work on it. It was great to see everyone again.  Are we going to have a 50-yr. reunion?  Bye for now.  Mary Lou
first name: Bob
last name: Crabtree
address: 3912 Grassy Creek Drive
city: Lexington
state: Kentucky
zip: 40514
phone: 859-797-5128
On-Line-Status: yes
Year-You-Graduated: 1963
Comments: Thanks for keeping this going. I would like to hear from some of the HHS people from the 63 or other classes.
First name: Jeanne  
Last name: Bullard (Brodsky) 
Email address: 
Address: 12906 Sanctuary Cove Drive #103 
Zip code: 
Phone: unlisted 
Year-You-Graduated 1963 
first name: Steve
last name: Dickerson
address: 55 South Gardengate Drive
city: Henderson
state: KY
zip: 42420
phone: 270-860-0696
On-Line-Status: Yes
Year-You-Graduated: 1963
Comments: NONE
first name: Ronald (Ronnie)
last name: Crowley
address: 1910 Epworth Ln
city: Owensboro
state: KY
zip: 42303
phone: 270-685-4276
On-Line-Status: Yes
Year-You-Graduated: 1963
Comments: Sure glad I found this web site.  Makes a body
proud of " Class of '63".  Keep in tough!
first name:  Linda
last name: Todd Tapia
address: 146 Chippendale Dr
city: Hendersonville
state: TN
zip: 37075
phone: 615-822-1892
On-Line-Status: Yes
Year Graduated: 1963 from Henderson County
Comments: I went through 10 of the 12 years of school in the city school system, Moved to county for Junior and Senior years.

Thanks to the contributors listed below for their help with this web-site.
Jean Bullard (Brodsky) (HHS '63)
Bobby Hall (HHS '63) 
Gael Overby (Rush)  (HHS '63)
Dallas Reigle (HHS '63)
Lex Riggs  (left HHS '61)  (CCHS '63)

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Henderson City High School, Class of 1963: Henderson, KY

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Best quote in 1963 senior yearbook, the Revue.
from Jerry Utley:

"A little learning is a dangerous thing. Jerry is being extremely careful to avoid danger".

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