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100 point games

Kentucky's Only High School player to score 100 points

Player            Points    Date          High School     (State) Opponent  (State) Score Note

Wayne Oakley, 114,.December 21, 1954 Hanson (KY) St. Agnes (KY) 128–56; 47–55 field goal & 20–24 free throws

Kentucky's Only College player to score 100 points

Frank Selvy, 100, Feb. 13, 1954, Furman (SC), Newberry (SC);  41-66 field goals and 18-22 free throws 

Player            Points    Date          High School     (State) Opponent  (State) Score Note

Heater, Danny 135, January 26, 1960 Burnsville (WV) Widen (WV) 173–43; 53–70 field goal, 29–41 free throw, 32 rebounds & 7 assists (60' court) 

Morris, John 127, 1961 Portsmouth Norcom (VA) Mary Smith (VA) 173–47;

Bogenrife, Dick 120, February 6, 1953 Sedalia-Midway (London) (OH) Canaan (OH) 137–47; 52 field goals made & 16 free throws made

Oakley, Wayne 114.December 21, 1954 Hanson (KY) St. Agnes (KY) 128–56; 47–55 field goal & 20–24 free throw

Cimino, Pete 114, January 22, 1960 Bristol (PA) Palisades (PA) 134–86; 44 field goals made & 26 free throws made

Saygar, Herman 113, March 8, 1913 Culver (IN) Winamac (IN) 154–10; 56 field goals made & 1 free throw made

Robinson, Ken 108 January 10, 1961 Cassatt Midway (SC) Ruby South (SC) 130–30; 62 points in second half

Mathis, Morris Dale, 108, January 25, 1955 St. Joe (AR) Witt Springs (AR) 

Johnson, Kenneth 105, January 10, 1979 Grandfield (OK) Terral (OK) 120–65; 71 points in first half & 45–85 field goal

Boyd, Danny 104 January 6, 1961 Camden (TN) Clarksburg (TN) 130–43; 

Pitts, Dickie 103, February 14, 1956 Wimauma (FL)

Payne, Brian 103, 1988 New Port Richey Christian (FL) Clearwater St. Paul (FL) 111–60;

goal, 27–35 free throw (in first half only as the opponent forfeited the second half)

Vondra, Ed 102, 1922 Brainard (NE)

Fuller, Bennie 102, 1971Little Rock Arkansas School for Deaf (AR) Leola (AR) 133–58;

Hensley, Cedrick 101, January 16, 2001 Heritage Christian (TX) Banff Christian (TX) 178–28; 46–59 field goal & 2–5 three-point field goal

Coward, Wayne 100, January 24, 1961 J.C. Lynch (SC) Britton's Neck (SC) 139–31; 80 points in second half

Procell, Greg 100,January 29, 1970 Noble-Ebarb (LA) Elizabeth (LA) 139–79;

Wagner, Dajuan 100, January 16, 2001 Camden (NJ) Gloucester Twp. Tech (NJ) 157–67; 42–60 field goal & 10 three-point field goals made

Grigorian, Tigran 100, February 11, 2003 Pico Rivera Mesrobian (CA) Los Angeles Pacific Christian (CA) 114–47; 11 three-point field goals made

there are also 4 girl or women players that have scored 100+ in a game.
See Wikepedia for details.  

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