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Barret Manual Training High School,
1953 to 1955
Henderson City High School,
1955 through 1963

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The Henderson ICON


Front Row, L-R: R. Cornbleet (team manager), Bill Ruff, Bill Harralson, Ronnie Sheffer, Junie Hall,

Back Row, L-R: Pascal Benson, Fred Schuette, Byron Pinson, Sammy Joe Shelton, David Eakins
absent from team picture: Petie Bryant,
Dale Brown, and Dick Yates,

Coaching staff: T. L. Plain, Don Chapman, Don Shelton

The 1955-56 basketball season was the
first & only year in the history of the
KHSAA that there were three first team
all-state members from the same high
school in the same year.
And they did not come from the
winning state championship team.
Henderson City's Byron Pinson, David Eakins
& Pascal Benson are also the only players in KHSAA
history to be named to all-district, all-regional,
and all-state teams in the same year
from the same high school.
That year was 1956.
This has never occurred before the 1955-56
season and has not happened since in the state of Kentucky.   

 To quote retired Henderson Gleaner-Journal Editor Ron Jenkins: 1955 through 1959 were Henderson City High School's "GLORY DAYS".

And they had their "Glory Days" like no Henderson team before or after this remarkable school year of 1955-56. Very few high schools in the our great country could even come close to that unforgetable 1955-56 year for these Henderson City High School student/athletes. Not just one team went to the Kentucky state tournaments, all 4 major sports went and performed well. Without a doubt, this is one of the finest years in high school sports history for this extremely talented Henderson City High School. To top that off, Henderson  also produced one of the greatest high school athletes in Kentucky high school history, Pascal Benson.   

Football: 1st place, KHSAA State Champions

Basketball: 2nd place, KHSAA State Runner-Up

Baseball: 3rd place, KHSAA Consolation Game winner

Track & Field: 4th place in KHSAA Track Meet Finals.

Henderson City's 5' 6" Bill Ruff is KHSAA Track & Field pole vault champion in back to back state meets in 1956 & 1957.

Pascal Benson named 1st team all-state in basketball, football and baseball, a feat that has not been matched, before or after the 1956 season in the state of Kentucky or any other state.

Unlike Bruce Springsteen's #1 hit "Glory Days", these Henderson players don't brag about what they accomplished. The Henderson City High alumni & fans own the bragging rights.  

Football: 1959 KHSAA State Champions 


The ICON  of "Henderson"
This photograph of the 1955-1956 basketball
team was placed on the wall
in the lobby behind the Concession
stand in the main lobby at the Henderson City High
School Gym for 20 years, from
1956 to 1976. The photograph was taken by 
& donated to the Henderson City High
boosters club by the Martin Studio of
Henderson in 1956. 
I remember seeing this photo from the
time it was placed on the wall
at every home game & during
lunch breaks when I was
a freshman & sophomore at City High. After
Henderson City High was shut down
for good on that final school day
in May 1976, this photograph that had
become a Henderson City "ICON", 
(if not a City of Henderson ICON)
was relocated at the new
"consolidated" Henderson County Senior
High School on outer 2nd St.
(aka Zion Rd,) in Henderson, KY in
September 1976, where it is
presently located.
A sad note to follow, Martin Studio of Henderson
closed their doors after 64 years, 1947-2011.


Henderson City High Flash Facts:

1. Henderson City High football team goes undefeated in 1955.  

2. Henderson City High crowned as the mythical Kentucky

state football champions for the 1955 football season.

Undefeated Prestonburg, also with a perfect

10-0 record, ended the season with a #2 ranking

by the Litkenhaus rating system.

laid claim to crown as the mythical Kentucky

state football champions for the 1955 football season.   

3.  Henderson City High's track team places 4th in

Kentucky State Track meet in 1956.

4. Henderson City High's Pascal Benson becomes first Kentucky schoolboy player in history to be named to first team all-state in 3 different sports, all in the same year.

NOTE: Henderson's Pascal Benson was named to 3 all-state teams in the same year is possibly the only player (there probably are a few in other states) in U. S. High Schools to achieve this feat. After researching the internet for 3 years, looking for some other high school players that may have accomplished this, and I found no other players that have also been named to 3 all-state squads in the same year. Pascal also holds the distinction of throwing a rare perfect game in his junior year for the 1955 Barret Manual High baseball team.  

5. Henderson Barret Manual Training High School

finishes 3rd place

in State basketball tournament in 1955.

6. Henderson City High finishes as runner-up in KY State

basketball tournament in 1956, ranked #1 in

final poll of year by the *Litkenhaus ratings.

7. Henderson City High finishes with undefeated regular season in 1956 baseball.

8. Henderson City High Flash finishes 3rd in state baseball tournament in 1956.

9. Nine Henderson City High & *Barret athletes

were named to Thirty one all-state teams from

1953 through 1957, in 4 different sports.

Pascal Benson, 54, football, '55 football, '56 basketball,
'55,baseball, '56 baseball,

Bill Brown, '55 football,
Petie Bryant, 56 football, '57 football, '57 track,
David Eakins, 56 basketball, '56 basketball, '57 basketball,
'55, baseball, '56 baseball.

*Don Gish, '54 basketball, '55 basketball,
Junie Hall, '57 basketball
Byron Pinson, '55, basketball, '56 basketball,
Ronnie Sheffer, '54 football, 55 football,
Sonny Watkins, '54 football, '55 football.

Bill Ruff, Track & field, 1956, Track & field, 1957

10. Henderson City High School is the first

High School in Kentucky history

to place 3 all-state players

in the same year, and not win the

state basketball tournament. To date, (2010), no other

high school has accomplished that feat in Kentucky.

11. Undefeated Henderson City High

baseball in regular season in 1959.

12. Henderson City High football team finishes Undefeated in 1959.

13. Henderson City High places four all-state

football players in 1959, Tommy Glover, Jim Biggs, John Wheeler and Delbert Estes.

14. Henderson City High Crowned

the 1959 Kentucky State football

champions after defeating

previously unbeaten & the top ranked Ft. Thomas Highlands 12-7.

15. The Henderson City High basketball

squad finishes regualr season

29-3 for best basketball record in

local history for all Henderson Schools in basketball.  

16. Henderson City High's 1955 undefeated (10-0) football team is the second team in local high school history to finish a sports season with an unscathed season.

17. The undefeated 1959 Henderson City High Flash football team becomes the third sports team from Henderson to go undefeated. the 1959 Flash football state champions (KHSAA) finished the season with an unblemished 12-0 mark.

18. The Henderson City High School Flash repeated with another undefeated season again in 1959 as they finished flawless, with a 12-0 season.This was concluding the KHSAA state championship with a victory over the previously undefeated and the top ranked Ft. Thomas Highlands High School.  

19. Tommy Glover is named 1st team high School All-American as a fullback. Tommy is also named the National High School player of the year for 1959. Glover was named to the 1st team high School All-American squad as a junior in 1958. Glover is also the only football player in Kentucky High School history to play on 2 state championship and 2 teams undefeated football teams, doing this in a 5 year span. He accomplished this as a reserve eight-grader and as a starting senior.

The school year of 1955-56 is the only year that a Henderson City team defeated the Owensboro Senior High Red Devils in all 4 major sports consisting of football, baseball, basketball & track/field.  This year's football victory was a  rare road win at Owensboro's Rash Stadium.

Henderson City: 45             Owensboro Sr: 6  

21. Coach Don Shelton becomes the first coach in Kentucky high school football history to coach 2 undefeated teams. He accomplihed this in 1955 and repeated it again in 1959.

22. Henderson City High's Tommy Glover was named the 1959 KHSAA player of the year & the National High School football player of the year . Tommy attended the University of Alabama, under the guidance of the legendry Paul "Bear" Bryant. Through the calendar year of 2009, Tommy is still the only athlete in Henderson history to be named to a high school All-American team in any sport.     

23. The 1916 Barret basketball team finished 12-0 and were the unofficial first Kentucky state basketball champions and went to become the National High School champs by defeating Parkersburg, West Virginia.

24. David Eakins named to the all-regional basketball team as a freshman.   

25. The 1954-1955 Barret High School Purple Flash is only one of two boys High School team in Kentucky High School history to ever achieve a 100 point victory margin. Oddly enough, both 100 point margin games were in the 1954-1955 season.

    The 4th ranked Purple Flash defeated the Uniontown St. Agnes Knights in 10th district tournament play, 118-18 on Feb. 21, 1955 at the Henderson Holy Name High School gymnasium. The Barret Purple Flash were led by three 2 time all-state performers, Center Don Gish, Forward Byron Pinson, with super sophomore guard (future 2 time all-state performer) Dave Eakins, forward (future all-state performer) Pascal Benson, and all-Region guard Billy Brown. Coach T. L. Plain pulled all five starters out of the game early in the 2nd quarter. Leading scorer for the Henderson Barret Purple Flash was 5'6" sophomore reserve guard Bill Ruff, who burned the nets for 38 points in 22 minutes of playing time. Barret center Don Gish was all-state in the 1953-54 season and repeated again in the 1954-55 season. Byron Pinson, Dave Eakins & Pascal Benson were all-state performers in the 1955-56 season with Dave Eakins repeating again in the 1956-57 season. To say the Uniontown St. Agnes Knights were outclassed is an understatement.

This is the same St. Agnes squad that allowed Wayne Oakley of Hanson High School to score an all-time Kentucky High School state record of 114 points.

All three of these records set in that 1954-55 season still stand today.   

 *Litkenhaus ratings are the first computer (mathematical) based
high school rating service in the United States. This
was a feature used exclusively in the Louisville Courier-Journal Newspaper sports section. Dr. E. E. Litkenhaus' mathematical 
rating system first appeared in the 1953 season. 

The following is taken from the 1955-56 City High yearbook, "The Revue".


Henderson City High's basketball team set quite a record this season by winning 29 games and only losing 3. The Flash were defeated twice during season play, by the #1 team in the state, Berea, and by a well balanced Earlington club. Before being defeated the team had won 13 straight games. They also swept through the tournament the #2 team in the state of Kentucky. Henderson High was the first team to place 3 men on the all-state team without being the state champions. Seniors; Pascal Benson, Byron Pinson, and junior David Eakins made All-District, All-Regional and All-State

This web-site is dedicated to the Barret Manual &
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Truer words have never been spoken.

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Jim Adams (HHS '59),
Elaine Benson (HNHS: '59),
Pascal Benson (HHS '56) 
Don Gish (BMTHS '55),
Glenda Alexander Guess (HHS '57),
Shirley Hagan (HHS '56),
Billy Haynes (HHS '59),
Sonda Keach Nolan (HHS '56),
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Sammy Joe Shelton (HHS '56),
Bud Bayard Walters (HHS '59),
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