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12-0  won-lost record for 1959 season
#1 in Litkenhaus ratings,
#1 AA State Champions

     The Henderson City High football squad was one of the most effective defensive teams in the nation. The explosive Flash running game racked up over 400 yards per game while allowing their opponents to a mere 5 touchdowns for the entire season.
     The Henderson City Flash led the state of Kentucky in both categories and also ranked in the top 10 nationwide in both categories.


Members of the 1959 Class AA Kentucky High School State Champions:
Bottom Row:
85-Jerry Hatley, 70-John (Butch) Shaver, 98-Delbert Estes, 75-John Wheeler, 77-Tommy Glover, 81-Carvel Moss,  66-Ronnie Moore, 87- Jim Biggs, 80-Randy Prince, 79-Tommy Cheaney, 86-Mike Schuette.
Middle Row: 92-Danny Richmond, 89-Cobie Brauer, 74-Bobby Dannheiser, 68-Tommy Rhoads, 72-James Mitchell, 91-Lowell Thomas, 94-James DeSpain, 73-Larry Kirkwood, 88-Joe Liles, 90-Pen Cosby, 82-Allen Allen, 95-Jimmy Ternes, 93-Walter Guill
Top Row: 99-Mickey Snider, 96-Wally Smithhart, 83-Richard Raber, 69-Tommy Liles, 71-Jerry Combest, 76-Jimmy Delker, 50-Eldridge  (Dooney) Dolin, 62-Payne Cave, 64-Lonnie Wilke, 67-Larry Duncan, ?-George Lackey, 61-Billy Owens, 63-Clyde Adkins  
Absent from team photo: Jimmy Delker, Carl Fuller, Barry Gish, Bill Griffin, Ronnie Hallmark, John Raley, Steve Smith

Head coach Don Shelton's coaching staff consisted of Bill Hina, Don Chapman, Chester Montgomery, and Bill Womack
Team managers were Paul Herron III, James Adams, Steve Dickerson, Jerry Wallace and Mike Furlong.
Trainers were Steve Ball and James (Snoz) Davis.


Game by Game scores:
Henderson City:  42     Owensboro Catholic:       0

Henderson City:  53     Providence:                       0

Henderson City:  47     Bowling Green:                 6

Henderson City:  28     Morganfield:                     6

Henderson City:  40     Hopkinsville:                     0

Henderson City:   7      Caldwell County:               0

Henderson City:  35     Sturgis:                             13

Henderson City:  34     Daviess County:                0

Henderson City:  33     Madisonville:                   13

Henderson City:  28     Owensboro Senior:            0

             State class AA Playoffs
Henderson City:  40     Somerset:                           0

           State class AA Championship
Henderson City:  12     Ft. Thomas Highlands:      7
Henderson City:   399 season: Points 33.25 per game
Opponents:             45 season: Points 3.75 per game
The Henderson City High School Flash led the nation in the least amount of points scored by opponents for the year 1959, giving up a very stingy 45 points.

The following is copied from The Henderson
Gleaner and Journal 
City High's 1959 state
champions By Ron Jenkins published 7-28-2009.  
EDITOR’S NOTE: Ron Jenkins was sports
editor of The Gleaner and Journal in 1959, when he
chronicled Henderson City High School’s
state championship football season.
Gleaner correspondent
What makes championship teams?
Talent? Leadership? Teamwork? Discipline? Determination?
A strong work ethic? Sacrifice?
Pinpoint the characteristics of team champions at any level and you’re
likely to discover that the answer is “all of the above.”
They certainly apply to the 1959 Henderson City High football team,
many of whom will huddle here this weekend for a 50th anniversary
commemoration of their state championship season.
Those characteristics will overlay the anticipated replays of a 12-0
season that culminated with a Class AA state crown in the very first
year of playoffs sanctioned by the Kentucky High School Athletic
Association. A half-century later, that City High team stands as
Henderson’s only football playoff state champion.
In glancing back game-by-game, one cannot overlook the significance of “the big play.” The biggest of all came in the state championship
game against unbeaten Ft. Thomas Highlands on University of
Kentucky’s Stoll Field. Leading 12-7, City High was backed up to its
own 15-yard line, where Highlands had a first down with slightly more
than two minutes remaining in the game.
Bluebirds halfback John Burt broke through the line and appeared to be headed for a potential game-winning touchdown when Flash safety
 Tommy Rhoads hit him with a crushing tackle at the ten that split Rhoads’ helmet — and jarred the football loose.
The other Flash deepback, sophomore Cobie Brauer,
pounced on the ball at the two.
Then Butch Shaver ran three straight quarterback sneaks to run out
the clock, setting off a Flash celebration that included a locker room
visit from Kentucky’s governor, Corydon-born A.B. “Happy” Chandler.
The other giant play came in a mid-season matchup of unbeaten (6-0),
second-ranked City High and unbeaten (5-0), seventh-ranked Caldwell
County in front of 6,000 fans in Caldwell County’s stadium,
affectionately known as “The Pit.”
Bobby Dannheiser, a junior who entered the game
as a sub for injured senior Carvel Moss,
intercepted a Jackie Crider pass at the Tiger 40
and returned it to the 17 with the score deadlocked at 0-0 and 2:24
remaining. Another key play followed when, on third-and-nine, Shaver
hit junior end James Biggs with a short pass and Biggs plowed for a
first down to the three. From there, fullback Tommy Glover made two
plunges into the line, the second one for the touchdown that
sealed the victory and ended a 24-game winning
streak for Caldwell County.
Those plays will be remembered as game-altering stickouts, but there
were many more big plays in a run to the title that saw the Flash
outscore the opposition 407-45 and post seven shutouts.
Glover, the 190-pound senior fullback, made a ton of them on his way to
post-season honors, which included prep All-America, All-Southern and,
fittingly, captain of The Courier-Journal’s All-State team.
Glover, who died in January, 2001, is destined to be a dominant figure
in replays of that championship season when the players and coaches
gather this weekend. His value to the team is measured not only by the
record 30 touchdowns — at least one in every game and four in two
games — or the more than 1,500 yards gained,
all while doing double duty as a linebacker.
Rhoads said it best in a 1992 interview upon City High’s induction into
the Henderson County Sports Hall of Fame.
“He was our leader— on and off the field. He was determined to win.
And he never let any of us lose sight of our potential.”
To this day, “Tommy was the best player I ever coached,” said Shelton,
who was Glover’s head coach again in the fullback’s
All-Conference career at Murray State.
Glover was the glue on a Flash team also blessed with
other very gifted players — at least eight of which
went on to play at the college level —
and a roster full of solid role players whose
contributions and key plays
cannot be over-stated.
In a 1979 interview, Glover credited much of the team’s success to
overall team quickness and, importantly, “a love of football.”
Coach Shelton’s method of coaching, beyond the X’s and O’s, played a
big part in that. While game preparation could be intense, it was
apparent that he meant for the players to enjoy the sport, to have fun.
It was a team that never lost its focus but yet, at times, enjoyed lighter
moments that merely demonstrated they were teen-age kids having a
great time while achieving greatness on the field of sport.

1959 Henderson City JV football


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